Resort Construction

An abridged and incomplete history of some of the construction around the "cabin" in Osoyoos.

Cleaning the yard and installing sprinklers - May 30th and 31st

A good "before" shot for the rest of the work

Ken working on the sprinklers

Building the Stairs - June 6th and 7th

If you look at the original photos, there are no outside stairs to get up to the deck. Definitely an oversight; we can take care of that!

Laying the Lawn - June 12th and 13th

The Dock, Phase I - June 20th and 21st

The Dock, Phase II - June 26th, 27th, and 28th

It Floats!

The Great Dock Saga, Phase III - July 18th and 19th

Ahh, work is finished (for now!) and time to enjoy the place!

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Page last updated September 26th, 1998.